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Self Defence

Man or woman, young or old, you can learn how to survive a physical assault.

The hardest thing to learn is that YOU can defend yourself. You don't need to be tough or big or vicious. Indeed self defence can be most effective when your potential attacker is overconfident because you do not look like a cross between 'Rambo', 'Godzilla' and the 'Zombie biker from hell'.

You can learn how to protect yourself and those you care for. It's not 'easy' as it does require perseverance and practice but it is something that you can do, no matter what your background.

Group sessions starting in April 2016. Private sessions available NOW - priced at £95 per 90 minute session. Call 07771 333 369 to book your first session. You will need to COMMIT to 2 sessions per month.

NOTE: If you are 60 or older then we can offer one hour self defence sessions for £35. Call 07771 333 369 to book your first session.


Robert Agar-Hutton

The founder and chief instructor of the Agar-Hutton Martial Arts Academy is Robert Agar-Hutton. Robert is ranked as a Senior Level Tai Chi instructor (the highest of their four instructor grades) with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. He is also a sixth degree black belt in Karate Jutsu and an expert martial artist with over forty-four years of experience.

He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Martial Arts and Sports Psychology from the University of Derby (Buxton Campus) which he earned after three years of full time study, as a mature student, at University between 2007 and 2010.

He is regularly asked to teach Martial Arts and Physical Defensive Skills at seminars in the UK, USA and Malaysia.

Robert is also the author of the books (and eBooks) "How To Deal With Verbal Aggression" and "Anger Management For You" which sell worldwide (via Amazon and other outlets) as well as several martial arts eBooks.

Robert is not a cross between Rambo and Superman. He is in fact, sixty-two years of age, with grey hair (much less of it than there used to be) and is a little overweight. At five foot six inches tall with his normal lopsided grin, the only person he can intimidate is... Well actually he has never intimidated anyone...

So what makes Robert special? It's simply the fact that he can teach YOU how to develop the mindset and physical skills that will keep you healthy and safe. If you are big and strong, great we will add to those attributes. If you are small and weak we will teach you how knowledge, attitude and technique can allow you to protect yourself. Even if you are unfit or a little bit frail, well no worries because with the training that Robert can provide you WILL be able to learn how to get fit, keep healthy and protect yourself.

Lee Agar-Hutton

Lee Agar-Hutton teaches Tai Chi and Qigong. She has been involved with Tai Chi for nearly thirty years and is an Advanced Level instructor with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

She is also a keen gym member and almost every day will see her attending a class of Yoga or Pump or Bodycombat or LBT. She believes that a balanced approach to fitness is best, combining the aerobic and more 'sweaty' fitness regimes along with the slightly more sedate (but no easier) disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi.

One difference between Robert and Lee is that whereas Robert likes to explain the whys and wherefores of the art so that students can understand the reasons behind what they are doing, Lee is more of a 'Just DO It' instructor so her sessions can be pretty intense (in a slow and relaxed way).

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