What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a Chinese Art which was developed several hundred years ago as an effective means of self protection. As the years passed it was noticed that the natural and gentle movements of Tai Chi had many health benefits.

Nowadays, Tai Chi is most often taught for health and fitness, however some people also want to learn the self defence aspects of the art so our sessions and curriculum are designed to allow people to learn just the health aspects if they want to, or both the health and martial aspects if they are interested.

Tai Chi is called by a variety of names including Tai Chi, Taiji, T'ai chi ch'üan, and Taijiquan. No matter what the name, the benefits and enjoyment it can bring to you are the same.

Tai Chi can be of benefit to you.

Tai Chi is suitable for people of any age. It can give you a wide range of benefits, some are general and some depend on your interest and personal practice.

• Improve or maintain your health and fitness.  
• Improve your balance (helps prevent falls).  
• Stress relief and stress management.  
• Improve your concentration.  
• Self defence.  
• Become a Tai Chi instructor (takes at least three years but great to do).  
• Have fun - remember you are allowed to have fun. 

We run sessions in Northamptonshire in StanwickChelveston, and Wollaston

For additional information call us on 07771 333 369.

What next?

• Come along and join in, details on our Homepage.
• Have some one-to-one training, details on our Private Sessions page.

If you are not yet sure that you want to come along and give Tai Chi a go then...
• See what Tai Chi looks like have a look at our Videos page.
• If you want to know who will be teaching you, please visit our Instructors page.
• If you are curious about what is taught, have a look at our Curriculum page.
• If you have any questions it may help to visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages. 
For anything else, email robert@ahmaa.co.uk or call 07771 333 369.

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