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Press Release - 10th May 2020


Why now, in the ‘Coronaverse’, health and fitness is at its most important 

The Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy is pleased to announce Phase Two of its online health and fitness Membership Site training program based on the classical Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Both of which have a long history of improving and supporting wellness, along with a robust body of scientific research that confirms their efficacy. After a small first test phase the new web based program is capable of supporting tens of thousands of people. Giving them an anytime and anywhere method of keeping fit and well.

“Tai Chi is an accessible health method that is easy to do and can directly improve both physical health and state of mind. Everyone should give it a go, to reduce stress and stay well.” says Robert Agar-Hutton, Chief Instructor at the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy.

Benefits include:
• Live and prerecorded video courses for 24/7 convenience.
• Ongoing and progressive method to keep you interested and challenged.
• Suitable for almost any age or initial wellness level.
• Affordable and available Worldwide.
• Requires no extra space or equipment, so easy to do anywhere.

The Membership Site is available starting immediately for only £39.97 per month. For more information on the program, visit

The founder and chief instructor of the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy is Robert Agar-Hutton. He started training in 1971 and began teaching in 1993. He’s ranked by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain as a Senior Level instructor (the highest of their four instructor grades) and holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Martial Arts and Sports Psychology from the University of Derby.  

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