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Tai Chi comprises many different parts. One of the parts are movements that are put together into fixed sequences called 'forms'. A form is a learning aid so that you can remember what to do; a repository of knowledge in movement for the self defence aspects of the art, and it is the means of training the body in the particular Tai Chi way of movement that helps you to gain the fitness and health benefits of the art.

It depends... Are a quick or a slow learner? Will you take the time to do a little practice at home? How often will you attend sessions? Will you ask the instructor if there is something that you don’t understand - you know we really do encourage questions. And, last but not least, it’s not a race and practice is the key to good Tai Chi not simply being able to ‘do’ the forms.

Forms are prearranged movements in a specific order they range from 8 move forms all the way up to (and past) 108 move forms.

A lot of people considering learning Tai Chi often see someone performing a form and think 'That looks easy, I'll be able to do that' and then when they start training they are appalled at how difficult it seems to be. I always explain to new students that nothing in Tai Chi is unnatural but the moves are new (to them) and unusual. So it will take as long as it takes to learn them and that will vary from person to person.

You will take as long as you need to learn a form and that is exactly as it should be. Tai Chi is not a race, it is a process of gentle and continual development. Come along and enjoy the process.

We teach seven forms, some of the forms are taught concurrently and some sequentially. However there is no rush to learn, taking your time and enjoying the 'journey' is one of the secrets to successful Tai Chi.

The Curriculum page lists all the forms, and over time we will put videos of the form up on our Videos page..

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