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The main styles of Tai Chi are: Yang; Chen; Wu; Hao; Li; Lee; CMC; Sun and others. They all have more similarities than differences and were all (more or less) created for the same purpose. In many (most?) cases they have a shared history.

Styles are named after their founder or the family that developed and practiced and taught that style. So 'Chen Style' comes from the Chan family of Chen Village in Henan Province in China. 'Sun Style' was created by Sun Lutang (1861-1932) and CMC after its creator Cheng Man-ch'ing (1902 - 1975). 

The best style is the one you are learning and practicing right now. The main benefits that you will get from Tai Chi are derived from actually doing it. Yes the different styles have their strengths and weaknesses - but it's a bit like trying to decide what car to buy, all of them will probably get you from 'A' to 'B' the differences often come down to personal preference.

Also, whatever style you learn it's best if it's being taught somewhere that you can go to train on a regular basis. In the past, I trained with an instructor in Malaysia that I only got to see every couple of years. No matter how keen I was in learning what he had to teach me, it was not nearly as useful as when I trained with an instructor in the UK who only lived a few miles away and with whom I could train every week.

Yang style and at a later stage a little Sun style.

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